SolidWire® CAM Software

Accuracy and Predictability

Whether you use your wire EDM machine for small lots of sub-micron precision parts or as a workhorse for production machining, get the most out of your machine tool investment. Dramatically simplify the part-programming process, significantly increase part accuracy, and greatly reduce the length and complexity

of your G-code program with ESPRIT

Advanced Tapering

Easily program the complex tapers common to mold components, forming dies, and cutting tools with the advanced conics capability of ESPRIT's contour cycle. When cutting a radius during tapering, built-in advanced conics allows you to alternate between cylindrical constant radius corners and conical constant taper corners. ESPRIT also provides independent programmable upper and lower radius control. While tapering into sharp corners, ESPRIT offers you the flexibility to maintain sharp corners top and bottom or machine a blended radius on the secondary plane.

4-axis Synchronized Machining

Quickly program parts with extremely complex tapers or completely independent freeform shapes, top and bottom, with ESPRIT's XY (lower), UV (upper) 4-axis contouring cycle. Select any two three-dimensional profiles and the 4-axis cutting process is automatically synchronized; you can add an unlimited number of additional synchronization lines. ESPRIT adds tabs automatically and creates skim cuts for unattended machining. Get 4-axis programming for any geometric shape with any number of elements: 3D, non-planar, UV and XY profiles, and non-planar fixturing.

Efficient No-Core Cutting

Handling slugs efficiently during EDM machining becomes more difficult with decreasing workpiece size. ESPRIT provides a special EDM no-core pocket machining cycle to erode away all the material inside a given cavity without creating a slug. With no-core cutting, a start hole is drilled into the workpiece and ESPRIT recognizes and automatically machines only the slug, preventing wire breakage and minimizing machining time.

Factory-Certified Solutions

ESPRIT's machine-specific EDM KnowledgeBase™ provides you with a full range of cutting features, automation, and factory-certified post processors to maximize performance. Readily access each EDM manufacturer's unique cutting technology and methodologies through machine-specific technology pages.

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