Swiss-Style Machine Programming

Swiss-Style Machine Programming

Program your multi-axis Swiss-style turning centers with ESPRIT and realize their potential for single set-up, versatile, accurate, unattended machining. ESPRIT accommodates the special demands of your Swiss machines and makes it easy to create programs that take full advantage of Swiss-style capabilities with comprehensive tool path creation, simulation, collision detection, and accurate G-code generation. ESPRIT provides factory-certified programming solutions for Swiss-style machines from the leading builders including: Citizen, Star, and Tsugami.

Synchronization and Optimization

Perform time studies and synchronize your CNC program to readily optimize your G-code and minimize overall cycle time with ESPRIT's sync list. ESPRIT clearly presents the machining timeline in an easy-to-read bar chart organized by turret, spindle, and head. Synchronize and optimize your program using the Windows "drag and drop" technique with quick editing of machining cycles including turrets, spindles, cutting tools, all the individual machining parameters, and synchronization codes.

SolidTurn Production

CAM for multi-spindle and multi-turret turning

• Swiss-style machine support including sliding head stock.

• Synchronized, synchronous and independent

multi-axis turning

• Unlimited number of spindles and turrets from2- to 22-axis.

• Fixed or moving spindles and turrets

• Gang-, slide-, or turret-based cutting tools

• Balanced rough—for rough turning and facing from regular or irregular shaped stock

• Sync list—view cutting operations by turret, spindle or head; drag and drop editing of sync and wait codes; time study bar chart for program optimization

• Synchronized solid simulation and verification for multiple spindles and multiple turrets, including simulation of tail stock, steady rest, bar feed, and part exchanges between spindles

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