A professional, reliable and full-featured CNC editor

CIMCO Edit is the editor-of-choice for professional CNC programmers who demand a reliable, full-featured and professional editing and communication tool. With over 80,000 licenses distributed in the past few years, CIMCO Edit is the editor-of-choice for professional CNC programmers who demand a full-featured and reliable, cost-effective professional editing and communication tool. Every aspect of CIMCO Edit is new, from the multi-pane tabbed layout to the dynamic toolbars and menus. CIMCO Edit also includes new and powerful tools such as an enhanced file compare utility, a reengineered graphical backplotter, and the new NC-Assistant programming tool.

Intelligent File Compare

CIMCO Edit features a fast and fully configurable side-by-side file compare, allowing the user to quickly identify CNC program changes. The file compare identifies changed and deleted / inserted lines, but ignores trivial format changes like block renumbering and spacing. Differences are displayed one line at a time, all at once or printed side-by-side for offline review.

CNC-Calc - 2D CAD add-in for CIMCO Edit

CNC-Calc is a fully featured 2D CAD solution that works inside CIMCO Edit . This add-on is a fast and effective solution for solving problems with complex 2D geometry. Users can draw or import (DXF) 2D geometry, specify cut depths, lead-in, lead-out, and other tool path variables and quickly generate CNC code in ISO and other conversational formats for contours and drilling.

Read more about CIMCO CNC-Calc here.

Graphical Backplotter

The 3D Mill / 2D Lathe backplotter handles your 3-axis Mill and 2-axis lathe CNC programs with step and continuous forward and reverse plotting. Edit the CNC program and the update is automatically reflected in the plot. Analyze the plot with dynamic zoom, pan, rotate and measuring functions. CIMCO Edit supports solid visualization of NC code with toolholder collision check and gouge detection.

Support for Mazatrol Files

View Mazatrol Program files directly in CIMCO Edit instead of on the Mazak Control in the workshop. Quickly verify and review program changes with Mazatrol file-compare.

Read more about the Mazatrol add-on here (pdf).

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