Full 5 Axis Milling

Production Milling with 5-axis Machines

ESPRIT SolidMill Production adds 5-axis machining capability to ESPRIT's milling cycles. Programmers can use multiple fixture offset with local or global work coordinates to machine any part face, using any ESPRIT machining cycle. ESPRIT's 5-axis indexing supports any combination of rotary tables and tilting heads to orient the part, then machines with 2 1/2 and 3-axis operations using one or more ESPRIT cycles.

5-Axis Composite Milling

This highly-advanced machining

functionality is based on

the concept that any 5-axis

machining function, no matter

how complex, can be simplified

into a few simple steps.

The 5-Axis Composite Milling

cycle follows the same logic that machinists themselves use

when deciding how to machine a complex 5-axis part.

5-Axis Ruled Swarf Milling

ESPRIT’s 5-axis swarf cutting strategy

utilizes the side of the cutting tool

to machine tilted walls. This classic

5-axis strategy is suitable to a wide

variety of part geometries by allowing

the toolpath to contain several steps

along the walls. The tool’s 4th and 5th axis positions are automatically determined from the selected walls as the tool

moves around the workpiece.

5-Axis Contour Milling

The tool follows a curve

keeping its axis perpendicular

to the model surface. A lateral

slope with respect to the feed

direction can also be specified.

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