2 1/2 Axis Milling

Facing—regular or irregular profiles, with orwithout islands and pockets, using conventional, climbing, and alternating zigzag machining patterns

Pocketing—regular or irregular profiles with an unlimited number of sub-pockets and islands using spiraling, morphing, concentricin, or concentric-out patterns, with unidirectional or bi-directional machining to perform climbing or conventional cutting with roughing, wall-finishing, and floor-finishing options.

Contouring—profile cutting for roughing, slotting, semi-finishing, and finishing straight or tapered walls with constant or variable cutting depths

Rest machining—automatic pocketing and contouring of areas of uncut stock material

Hole making—drilling, boring, tapping, and up to 13 other point-to-point machining cycles

Spiraling—machining circular pockets and bores with concentric-in and concentric-out cutting as true spiral or tangent arcs

Threading—thread milling cycle for internal/external right/left hand threads

Wireframe milling—3D machining using surface and face edges as drive and base curves

Manual milling—operates from user-definedlocations and manually selected geometry

Custom cycle— machine specific instructions, comments, and in-line G-code

Park—pause the cutting process and retract the cutting tool for part and tool inspection.

Insert—change machining parameters at any point during a machining cycle.

Library of standard tools—flat, ball nose,tapered, corner round, chamfered, and dovetail end mills; face mill, thread mill, drill, center drill, reamer, tap, and boring bar

Unlimited custom tools and holders with any geometry.

Drilling and Hole Making

For drilling and hole making, choose between ESPRIT’s machining cycles and your machine tool’s canned cycles, or use a combination of both. Cut complex holes that require multiplecycles and tools in a single step with ESPRIT. Using the Process manager, in one step you can spot drill with chamfer, through drill, counterbore, and ream a set of holes. ESPRIT’s threadmilling machining cycle gives you the ability to machine internal or external right- or left-hand threads, and ESPRIT’s spiraling cycle is ideal for milling holes. ESPRIT automatically generates optimized toolpaths, minimizing cycle time.

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